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Clickbait Tea: For Shame

teabagThis is for all of you fans of tea bags, teabagging, and juvenile humor!

Please join Johnny in taking the clickbait on this new product: scrotum-shaped tea bags.

This is a product I would never use, nor condone (unless there are extreme, specific correlations between any crime and this “punishment”… and you’re, say, fourteen years old).

These teabags, apparently, come pre-loaded with marigold leaves and Darjeeling… which begs a question or two:

  • How did they choose such an odd blend for this far-from-esteemed purpose?
  • What tea would you like to see in this form?

Tell Johnny what you think.

[Please note: no teas were actually bagged during the writing of this article]


Every so often, there are those discussions about whether we can call it “tea” if there’s anything but “True Tea” (camellia sinensis) in it…

And then along comes that old bully, Beef Tea, who doesn’t care a whit for semantics.



(Please note: No actual beef tea was consumed in the building of this post.)