Who is Johnny Teacup?

Johnny Teacup needs no introduction.
He hails from a time and place better left unspoken. He feeds exclusively on tea, rage, strips of old leather and dreams. He benefits greatly from the so-called freedom offered by the increasingly creepy “Internet.”
Mr. Teacup’s credentials in the tea world go without saying, and that is only the beginning. He is also a world-famous artist, model, politician, and star of stage and screen.
His beauty, like his knowledge, is beyond renown.  You already love him, despite yourself. You find yourself thinking of him at the oddest times, during activities you used to find enjoyable. He wants to love you back, but he can’t tear himself away from the mirror long enough to foster any meaningful human relationship.
Let’s sum up:

Johnny’s hotter than the tea he drinks!

 (Please click below for an appropriate tea-drinking musical interlude)